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Granny [MOD: immortality] 1.7.3

Granny [MOD: immortality] 1.7.3
Developer: DVloper
Current Version: 1.7.3
Russian: No
Info about MOD/HACK
The downloaded version from our site has a mod for immortality, which will allow you to fully plunge into the atmosphere of this game.
Why it is worth downloading Granny [MOD: immortality] 1.7.3
Granny - a scary game where you need to escape from the evil grandmother, she will run after us and try to destroy, but only our ingenuity, strength and logic will help us win. Spend hundreds of hours in this wonderful game, try to predict every step, hide behind cover, find unique places, solve riddles and secrets so that the gameplay is brighter and richer! Beautiful locations of this terrible house are fraught with many interesting secrets, you need to try to find everything and not get caught in the hands of this monster. Deceive this monster as best you can, move fast, find places to sleep and just try to get out of this place. As for items, everything is very good, a huge number of cool levels, weapons and other items that can help us. Use the environment for their own purposes, wait for moments to escape and run only forward!


  • High-quality and diverse gameplay of the game!
  • Musical accompaniment and other pleasant moments!
  • Dangerous obstacles and traps!
  • Beautiful locations!
  • A variety of little things!
  • Numerous items and weapons!
  • Atmosphere and music!
  • Dangerous grandmother!
  • Many levels!
  • Shelters around the house!
  • Riddles and puzzles!

Download Granny [MOD: immortality] 1.7.3 on Android:

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Comments (10)
  1. Артём Богушев
    Артём Богушев Added: 04 April 2019 17:26
    Я люблю грэнни паэтаму я очень хачу взломку

  2. Даша
    Даша Added: 11 April 2019 16:50
    Почему мода на бессмертия нет??? Она меня убивает! Что заделать чтобы мод заработал!? (
    1. ..ХАКЕР БАБКИ..
      ..ХАКЕР БАБКИ.. Added: 21 April 2019 09:48
      Попробуй перезайди
      КРУТОЙ МАЙНКРААФТЕР Added: 02 May 2019 12:31
      _ХАКЕР БАБКИ_ -Попробуй перезайди- Удали гренни потом установи Чит потом гренни
  3. бог
    бог Added: 11 April 2019 19:04
    почему на андроид игра вылетает

    1. ..ХАКЕР БАБКИ..
      ..ХАКЕР БАБКИ.. Added: 21 April 2019 09:51
      у меня нет,попробуй переустановить
  4. эля
    эля Added: 28 April 2019 20:10
    а где мод ? на айфоне не работает что ли. всё время из игры вылетает
  5. MOD APPs
    MOD APPs Added: 10 May 2019 20:11
    Download Granny MOD 
  6. Огонек
    Огонек Added: 14 May 2019 14:10
    Спосибо все работает 😊
  7. егор
    егор Added: 14 May 2019 20:42
    сделайте чтобы под туалетом был новый проход и 5 комнат