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Minecraft - Pocket Edition [MOD: full version]

Minecraft - Pocket Edition [MOD: full version]
Developer: Pixelbox
Current Version:
Russian: No
Info about MOD/HACK
The downloaded version from our site has a mod for the full version, which will allow you to fully experience the atmosphere of this game.
Why it is worth downloading Minecraft - Pocket Edition [MOD: full version]
Minecraft - Pocket Edition is a typical version of Minecraft on Android, where the fun depends on our creativity and imagination. It is necessary to build what will come to our minds, choose a mode for building the necessary and just have fun. Approach the choice of the necessary buildings extremely thoroughly, try to use the blocks correctly and win. Numerous obstacles and enemies will disturb us throughout the game, try not only to build, but also to survive in a world full of monsters and scary creatures. Build your home for yourself, expand the territory of your area, and grow crops and breed animals. Try to get various tasks and quests, complete them and enjoy the game!


  • High-quality and diverse gameplay of the game!
  • Musical accompaniment and other moments!
  • Timekiller in its purest form!
  • Bleeding!
  • Interesting pixel setting!
  • Easy control!
  • Fantasy for a better game!
  • Several modes!
  • Interaction with the environment!
  • The ability to crafting the right items!
  • Unique armor and weapons!

Download Minecraft - Pocket Edition [MOD: full version] on Android:

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Comments (18)
  1. ggggggggg828
    ggggggggg828 Added: 09 March 2019 15:19
    I want to hack
  2. Taiki
    Taiki Added: 13 March 2019 12:04

  3. Emmerel
    Emmerel Added: 18 April 2019 00:18
    rage It keeps on saying not installed like dude i just did it like 2 weeks ago....
    I'm annoyed like hell..
    1. modpda
      modpda Added: 18 April 2019 04:14
      We updated it. Try to download and play :)
  4. hybrid player
    hybrid player Added: 28 April 2019 17:10
  5. Jonathan
    Jonathan Added: 07 May 2019 09:10
    Thanks very much and thank you.
  6. Hanzo Hasashi
    Hanzo Hasashi Added: 11 May 2019 05:57
    I can't sign in with my Microsoft account :(
  7. Catiuska
    Catiuska Added: 18 May 2019 03:56
    Muy bueno!  Funciona muy bien el hackeado lo recomiendo.
    Works really good thanks!
  8. Thiago
    Thiago Added: 18 May 2019 05:21
      No me deja descargar la version original
  9. applepi017
    applepi017 Added: 24 May 2019 04:55
    What is the difference between hacked and original?? 
  10. euisisiwjwkiw
    euisisiwjwkiw Added: 24 May 2019 16:12
    i can't have account
  11. Fernando
    Fernando Added: 25 May 2019 01:18
    Is it one of those apk with annoying ads ??
  12. He
    He Added: 26 May 2019 14:02
    how am I suppose to. Login to my acc???!?!?  Now after uptate I am able to log in *EDITED*
  13. Меня зовут Анна мне 18😀😉😋😃
    Меня зовут Анна мне 18😀😉😋😃 Added: 02 June 2019 14:48
    Я робот потому-что я очень люблю собак, родных.У меня есть чувства, 
    А Б В Г Е Ё Ж З И Й К Л М Н...
  14. wil
    wil Added: 06 June 2019 12:09
    can you make for pc please?
  15. Мафиозник
    Мафиозник Added: 11 July 2019 12:03
    smile ура работает
  16. Nathan
    Nathan Added: 11 July 2019 22:05
    Whats the hack??l.p.
  17. tomm
    tomm Added: 12 July 2019 09:30
    can i play online witout login?